Mocape is a Portuguese company established in 1988 that produces solid wood furniture, that currently possesses approximately 10 000 m2 of industrial capacity and benefits from state-of-the-art technology. With over 50 employees that improve the quality of our manufacturing process and product design on a daily basis, we strive to be a leading company in the field of classical furniture, both in the domestic and international marketplace.

We produce entirely for export, from classic to contemporary furniture, distinguished by build quality and extremely high standards in its solutions. Partnering with our customers and suppliers, we make every effort to find innovative solutions that provide flexible customization of environments according to each client’s needs and space. From specific requests to the smallest detail, everything is focused on offering the customer their desired solution. An on-going effort in search of perfection allows us to achieve high quality standards, reflected in the final environment. With in-house design, our products reveal continued evolution, and to make this evident, we present our concepts in catalogues, complimented with a constant presence in various international specialty trade shows, always offering new and pioneering products.

We privilege loyalty, transparency, rigor and confidence in the relationships established with all of our partners. From a careful analysis of a client’s initial request until final delivery, we demand the greatest commitment from our employees and suppliers, in order to attain ultimate customer satisfaction. Our furniture is designed to be with you day after day and to create a unique interior atmosphere that concerns only you and will enrich your history throughout the years.